Top 15 games for the Snk Neo Geo Pocket Color
With only 82 released games, the Neo Geo Pocket Color was sadly, short lived. It was a fun little handheld with some great underrated titles. If you don't know what game to get for your Neo Geo Pocket Color console, check out this top 15!
Puzzle Bobble Mini
aka Bust-A-Move Pocket by Sega (1994)
Puzzle Bobble is one of my favorite puzzle games so its presence in this top was a no-brainer for me. While the graphics aren't that great, remember the Neo Geo Pocket Color has a very low resolution (160x152). With that said, the game plays well and is as fun as any other version of it. Definitely worth a spot in your NGPC games collection.
Puzzle Bobble Mini Bust-A-Move Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Neo Turf Masters
by Sega (1994)
Pretty cool and fun golfing simulator. It's a conversion of the Neo Geo AES/MVS game. Graphics are good and the ball effect and animations are nice, the game has good controls and there is a lot to do: 3 courses (Japan, Germany and USA) with 18 holes each, 3 different play modes, 2-player link play. You can select your club and need to be precise in your inputs as gauges rise and fall and putting is pretty well done, too.
TL;DR: It's entertaining if you like Golf games...
Neo Turf Masters Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Dive Alert
by Sacnoth (1999)
Dive Alert is kind of a unique mix of RPG / Adventure / Submarine simulator. Yup...not many of those around i'm sure. Be aware though that the submarine part is the base of the game with RPG elements and adventure/cutscenes in between. The game is entertaining and the world convincing and enjoyable enough to keep you going. Maybe not the best game around but it's uniqueness is very refreshing and it's worth a playthrough. There are 2 versions of this game: Becky's or Matt's which have very little differences (mostly different boats, characters and items).
Dive Alert Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Eternal Dungeons by Sting (1999)
Nothing will really wow you in this traditional dungeon crawling RPG but it's still an enjoyable title. Battles are challenging and don't show up every step unlike some other games. More importantly, you can avoid the fight if you feel you're not up to the task. Overall, a good experience and a fine RPG game for the little handheld. There is a sequel to this game for the Dreamcast: Evolution 2: Far Off Promise.
Evolution Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
by Sacnoth (2000)
Faselei! is a turn-based strategy/tactical RPG in which you control one robot with commands like Forward, Turn Left, Turn Right, Raise Shield, Fire Weapon #X, etc. You can queue your actions (5 at the start and 7 with a fully upgraded robot) and that means you must plan your moves well for them to be successful. In-game graphics aren't the best but portraits, menus, UI are all top-notch and really add to the atmosphere. Entertaining game...give this a try if you like Tactical RPGs!
Faselei! Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Fantastic Night Dreams by Success (2000)
Here's what we call a "Cute'em'up", Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams is a Horizontal shoot'em'up with kawaii (cute) graphics. It is a good port of the 1991 arcade game and, as the only shmup on the system, is a real must-have. Thankfully, gameplay is smooth and levels are good. Sure, there's only one level of parallax and way less enemies and bosses than in the PC Engine and arcade versions but it retains the same atmosphere and style and it's a fun game.
Cotton Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Samurai Shodown! 2
by SNK (1999)
One of the best fighting games series gets its Neo Geo Pocket Color treatment. The 15 characters keep their moves and styles and, like the original arcade games, gameplay is more focused on smart play than huge combos. You can choose either Slash or Bust modes for your character and a card collection system extends the longevity of the game (4 cards for each mode for each character to collect). It's a fun game and definitely worth being in the top 10 (and top 3 for VS fighting games).
Samurai Shodown 2 Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Metal Slug: 1st Mission
by Ukiyotei (1999)
Metal Slug is a staple of the regular Neo Geo console and arcade systems. In this conversion of their beloved run'n'gun series, SNK managed to create a really fun title that manages to have very pretty graphics, huge bosses and big levels with a lot of exploration. It isn't without flaws, though, and you'll experience a few slowdowns. But it's still a really fun game and one that's impressive on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
Metal Slug 1st Mission Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
The Last Blade
by SNK (1999)
Great controls, smooth gameplay and cool cutscenes and animations make this VS fighting game one of the best on the handheld. The Last Blade is a great series and it translates into this version. The characters keep their specific gameplay and it really feels like you're playing The Last Blade and not a random port of any fighting VS. Desperation moves, speed or power style, supers and the repel (counter) system also make it deeper than some other fighters on the system (like King of Fighters or Fatal Fury).
The Last Blade Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Metal Slug: 2nd Mission
by Ukiyotei (2000)
Harder, better, faster, stronger seems to be the way Ukiyotei went with this sequel. Graphics are even better than in the first game, with much more animations (you can now become fat like in some Neo Geo AES/MVS games), the bosses are huge (some multi-screen) and the gameplay is still really fun. Must-have for the NGPC.
Metal Slug 2nd Mission Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Sonic the Hedgehog
Pocket Adventure by SNK (1992)
The classic Sonic character gets its first game on a non-Sega platform. It's a faithful recreation of classic Sonic gameplay and the game is fast, smooth and really fun. There's no parallax scrolling and a few slowdowns here and there but overall, it's the best platform title on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
Sonic Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Biomotor Unitron
by Yumekobo (1999)
Biomotor Unitron is a RPG in which you need to collect materials and experience to upgrade your Robot. Fights happen in a similar fashion to the Pokemon type of games and the attacks you can make depend on your robot's equipment and parts. You also have access to pseudo-randomly generated dungeons and an arena. It's a cool RPG that doesn't add much to the proven Pokemon formula but is very enjoyable and has a lot of replayability thanks to the different options you can use for your robot.
Biomotor Unitron Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
Dark Arms
Beast Buster 1999 by Noise Factory(1999)
The Legend of Zelda of the NGPC, Dark Arms is an action RPG in which you must collect the spirits of your enemies to feed your weapons and make them evolve. It has a dark/horror theme that is pretty refreshing and plays like a classic action RPG but with guns, too. There are different evolution paths for your weapons and it's a cool adventure that any A-RPG fan will enjoy.
It is a spin-off from the SNK arcade shooter Beast Busters.
Dark Arms Neo Geo Pocket Color TOP 15
SNK vs Capcom
Card Fighters Clash by SNK (1999)
This game unexpectedly put the fight between SNK and Capcom fighters in CCG (collectible card game) form. It's a great alternative and the simple yet effective system used for card fights makes it very enjoyable. With about 300 different cards (120 characters for each company + 60 action cards), you'll need to play some time before you get them all. There is a sequel (with 124 new cards) that sadly was never released outside Japan and is the last game ever released for the console.
Snk vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Neo Geo Pocket Color top 15
SNK vs Capcom
The Match of the Millenium by SNK (1999)
The best VS fighting game on the system, it features 26 characters from SNK and Capcom and has a plethora of game modes, including an olympic mode with various mini-games. There's quite a lot to do in the game, gameplay is the best for a VS fighting game on a handheld thanks in part to the great mini-stick of the NGPC and is a must-have for owners of the console.
SNK vs Capcom The Match of The Millenium Neo Geo Pocket Color Top 15
The Neo Geo Pocket Color might not have been very successful but it was a neat little handheld, with some of the best controls (that stick is god tier) and had some great VS fighting games along with good RPG and platform games. The release of the Gameboy Advance doomed it too soon but it will forever stay in our hearts!